Cosmetic enhancements offer the allure of transformation, allowing individuals to sculpt their appearance according to personal ideals of beauty. In the glittering city of Miami, one prominent name aims to fulfill those aspirations – Vixen Plastic Surgery. This multifaceted center provides surgical and non-surgical solutions for those seeking cosmetic revisions. However, as with any major decision, wisdom calls for diligence.

This article will guide you through the offerings of Vixen Plastic Surgery, spotlighting their most popular treatments like the Brazilian Butt Lift. We will also examine customer experiences, both ecstatic and critical, by cross-referencing reviews from multiple sources. The goal is to equip you with a comprehensive perspective, so you can determine if this provider aligns with your needs and expectations for your cosmetic journey. After all, your satisfaction and safety should be the north star guiding any decision.

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Exploring Vixen Plastic Surgery

Vixen Plastic Surgery is not your average cosmetic surgery center. It is a hub of possibilities, where individuals can opt for both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. One of its most sought-after treatments is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), a procedure that has taken the beauty world by storm. However, Vixen Plastic Surgery doesn’t stop there; it champions naturalistic approaches to cosmetic surgery, emphasizing subtlety and harmony in every transformation.

A Visual Journey: Instagram Influence

In today’s digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in shaping our choices. Vixen Plastic Surgery boasts an Instagram account with a staggering 100,000+ followers. On this platform, they showcase captivating photos and engaging videos related to their services. These visuals provide potential clients with a glimpse of the transformations that await them, igniting the spark of inspiration.

vixen plastic surgery photos


A Mixed Bag of Reviews

As with any service provider, Vixen Plastic Surgery has garnered a spectrum of reviews, ranging from ecstatic to critical. On platforms like Yelp, some customers have expressed grievances about canceled surgeries and additional fees, which has tarnished their experiences. The Better Business Bureau has also received its share of complaints, raising concerns about the center’s operations.

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The Menu of Transformations

Vixen Plastic Surgery prides itself on offering a diverse menu of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Some of the most sought-after treatments include:

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
  2. Breast Augmentation
  3. Tummy Tuck
  4. Liposuction
  5. Rhinoplasty
  6. Facelift
  7. Mommy Makeover

It’s important to note that the popularity of these procedures may vary depending on individual preferences and needs. Therefore, consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon is recommended to determine the best procedure for your specific goals and concerns.

Real Stories, Real Experiences

Yes, there are reviews and testimonials from patients who have undergone surgery at Vixen Plastic Surgery. While negative feedback exists on platforms like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau, there are also positive reviews on, where patients have shared their experiences with Dr. Cliff Cannon at Vixen Plastic Surgery. These contrasting narratives underscore the importance of thorough research and reading reviews from multiple sources before entrusting your transformation to any plastic surgery provider.

Common Customer Complaints

It’s essential to shed light on some of the recurring complaints associated with Vixen Plastic Surgery:

  1. Uneven Results

Some customers have reported experiencing uneven results, which have led to physical discomfort, emotional distress, and a negative impact on their quality of life.

  1. Services Not Rendered

According to certain clients, not all services included in their pricing were rendered, including post-operative appointments, leading to frustration.

  1. Scam Allegations

In more severe cases, Vixen Plastic Surgery has been accused of being a scam, a claim that must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

It’s crucial to emphasize that these complaints do not represent the experiences of all clients at Vixen Plastic Surgery. Nonetheless, these concerns highlight the importance of diligent research and cross-referencing reviews from various sources before making a life-changing decision.


The world of cosmetic surgery is a realm where transformation meets aspiration. Vixen Plastic Surgery, with its array of offerings and diverse reviews, is a reflection of this world. Before stepping into this transformative journey, ensure that you are armed with knowledge, realistic expectations, and the certainty that your chosen provider aligns with your needs and values.


  1. How can I book a consultation with Vixen Plastic Surgery?

A: To schedule a consultation, you can visit their official website or contact their office directly.

  1. Are the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift permanent?

A: The longevity of BBL results varies from person to person. It’s essential to discuss this with your surgeon during the consultation.

  1. How do I prepare for a cosmetic surgery procedure?

A: Your surgeon will provide you with detailed pre-operative instructions during your consultation, which may include dietary restrictions, medication adjustments, and lifestyle changes.

  1. Can I trust online reviews when choosing a plastic surgeon?

A: While online reviews can provide insights, it’s best to consult with multiple sources, including your surgeon’s official website and professional organizations.

  1. What should I do if I encounter issues with my plastic surgery provider?

A: If you encounter issues or have concerns, it’s vital to address them directly with the provider and seek resolution. If necessary, consult with legal and medical professionals for guidance.