Susan Graver, the renowned American fashion designer, and QVC host, has built an impressive career spanning over 30 years. However, she recently made headlines not for her designs but for being candid about undergoing plastic surgery in her 50s. Susan Graver’s plastic surgery, which included a facelift and eyelid surgery, garnered mixed reactions from the public.

While some applauded her honesty, others criticized the potential promotion of unrealistic ideals. Despite this, Graver has expressed no regrets, emphasizing that the procedures boosted her self-confidence. Beyond the plastic surgery, Susan Graver’s background reveals her long-held passion for art and fashion. Her clothing line at QVC remains popular for its figure-flattering designs and effortless elegance. In this article, we will explore Susan Graver’s plastic surgery journey and motivations, as well as the remarkable career that led to her becoming a favorite of many fashionistas.

Susan Graver

Susan Graver, the renowned American fashion designer and TV presenter for QVC, has been quite open about her journey with plastic surgery. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of her cosmetic procedures and the impact they’ve had on her life. We’ll also explore her background and career, shedding light on her success and contributions to the fashion industry.

Susan Graver Plastic Surgery

Susan Graver Plastic Surgery

1. Susan Graver’s Decision for Plastic Surgery

In a candid 2019 interview with People magazine, Susan Graver admitted to undergoing plastic surgery in her 50s. She revealed that she had a facelift and eyelid surgery to enhance her appearance. Furthermore, she regularly receives Botox and filler injections. Her motivation for these procedures was to look her best on camera and, most importantly, to feel good about herself.

2. Motivation and Realistic Expectations

Graver clarified that she wasn’t aiming to turn back the clock and look 25 again. Her goal was to be the best version of herself, a sentiment many can relate to. It’s crucial to understand that her choice was not about chasing unrealistic beauty standards but about personal confidence and comfort.

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3. Mixed Reactions

Graver’s openness about her plastic surgery journey garnered mixed reactions. Some praised her for her honesty and transparency, while others criticized her for potentially promoting unrealistic beauty ideals. Nevertheless, Susan Graver remained steadfast in her decision.

4. The Impact on Susan Graver

Despite the criticisms, Graver expressed her contentment with the results of her plastic surgery. She shared that it boosted her self-assurance and comfort in her own skin. She firmly stated that she was not ashamed of her choice, emphasizing the importance of individuals feeling good about themselves.

Susan Graver’s Background and Career

1. Early Life and Interests

Susan Graver was born on December 20, 1953, in Levittown, Long Island, New York. Her passion for art, including painting and drawing, as well as creating garments, emerged during her early years.

2. Academic Pursuits

During her college years, Susan Graver majored in both Art and Psychology, showcasing her diverse interests and talents.

3. Family Life

Susan Graver is married to Richard Graver, and they share three children. She dedicated herself to her family while also building her career.

4. The Journey as a Fashion Designer

Susan Graver initiated her career as a fashion designer by establishing her own business while managing her family responsibilities. She has dedicated over 30 years to designing women’s sportswear exclusively for QVC.

5. A Loyal Following

Over the years, Susan Graver’s design sensibilities have remained relevant and gained her a loyal following. Her clothing line is renowned for being figure-flattering for various body types.

6. Building Wardrobes

Graver not only designs clothing but also teaches women how to build their wardrobes, offering guidance and outfit inspiration. Her commitment to her customers is evident in her approach.

7. Artistic Influence

Her background in art is reflected in her designs, characterized by vivid palettes and thoughtful details.

Susan Graver’s Legacy

1. A Prolific TV Presenter

Susan Graver has been a QVC TV presenter since 1986, known for her “easy care, easy wear” clothing and its appeal to diverse body types.

2. A Caring Designer

Graver’s deep care for her customers is evident in the quality and thoughtfulness of her creations.

3. Fashionista’s Favorite

Many of her fans fill their closets with Susan Graver’s clothing, appreciating the simplicity and elegance her designs offer.

4. Accessorizing Made Easy

Susan Graver’s line not only simplifies clothing choices but also makes it easy to find coordinating jewelry and accessories for effortless styling.

5. Thoughtful Gifting

Her fashion pieces are not just personal favorites but also make unique and thoughtful gifts for fashion enthusiasts.


Susan Graver’s decision to undergo plastic surgery was a personal choice driven by her desire to be the best version of herself. Her career as a fashion designer, and TV presenter, and her commitment to her customers have left an indelible mark on the fashion industry.