Dancer and TV personality Lindsay Arnold has faced ongoing speculation about possible plastic surgery procedures over the years. Recent photos showing her seemingly fuller lips have sparked discussions about potential lip fillers. However, Lindsay has not directly confirmed or denied these latest rumors.

Previously, after giving birth in 2020, Lindsay responded to accusations that she had Photoshopped her C-section scar. She asserted that she was proud of the scar as a symbol of her journey into motherhood. To clarify her history with cosmetic treatments, Lindsay took to TikTok, acknowledging having had Botox and lip injections in the past, while refuting rumors of a nose job or breast augmentation.

Beyond the persisting plastic surgery gossip, Lindsay has an impressive professional background as a dancer, fitness instructor, and lifestyle entrepreneur. She created a prenatal workout series, launched a movement club with diverse workout programs, and started a line of lip kits and other products inspired by her time on Dancing with the Stars.

While the speculation continues regarding Lindsay Arnold’s plastic surgery, her openness about certain procedures and dedication to health and fitness reveal a more complete picture of this multi-talented star. By addressing the rumors directly, Lindsay aims to separate fact from fiction.

Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold, renowned for her dazzling performances on “Dancing With the Stars,” has been the subject of ongoing plastic surgery rumors. In this article, we delve into the speculations surrounding her appearance and lifestyle, addressing the lack of concrete evidence and Lindsay’s own statements on the matter.

Lindsay Arnold Plastic Surgery

Lindsay Arnold Plastic Surgery

Speculations on Lip Fillers

Recent photos of Lindsay have sparked discussions about possible lip fillers. While her lips appear fuller, Lindsay has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations, leaving room for personal interpretation.

Addressing C-Section Scar Rumors

In 2020, Lindsay faced rumors of Photoshopping her C-section scar. In response, she asserted her pride in the scar, viewing it as a symbol of her journey into motherhood.

Lindsay’s Statement on Plastic Surgery

To set the record straight, Lindsay took to TikTok, acknowledging her history with cosmetic procedures. Botox and lip injections were confirmed, with a clarification that she refrained from such treatments during her pregnancy.

Refutation of Other Rumors

Contrary to some rumors, Lindsay denied undergoing a nose job or a boob job. Despite persistent speculation, there remains no concrete evidence supporting these claims.

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Dancer’s Professional Background

Beyond the rumors, Lindsay’s professional life shines. From captivating audiences on “Dancing With the Stars” to curating a website featuring her favorite workout gear, she embodies versatility.

Personal Life and Motherhood

Amidst the speculation, Lindsay shares insights into her personal life, including her experiences as a new mother. She launched a lifestyle line, inspired by her time on the dance floor, featuring lip kits and other products.

Diet Plan and Nutrition

Lindsay’s diet plan focuses on whole foods, with a preference for high-protein snacks and lean meats. Her approach involves planning meals ahead to avoid unhealthy choices.

Consistency in Health and Wellness

Consistency is key for Lindsay. She stresses the importance of staying consistent with her health and wellness goals, advocating for planning meals as a proactive strategy.

Prenatal Workout Series

In a testament to her commitment to women’s health, Lindsay created a prenatal workout series, guiding and empowering women from early pregnancy to childbirth. The program encompasses cardio dance-based workouts, yoga stretches, pilates, and more.

The Movement Club

Adding to her fitness repertoire, Lindsay initiated The Movement Club, offering diverse workouts to inspire and support individuals in their fitness journey.


The plastic surgery rumors surrounding Lindsay Arnold lack substantiated evidence. Lindsay’s openness about certain cosmetic procedures and her dedication to health and wellness paint a fuller picture of the renowned dancer.