Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is a place in North Bethesda, MD, where people go to look and feel better about themselves. It’s run by Dr. Brent Faulkner, a doctor who knows a lot about plastic surgery and works with many hospitals nearby. This place is well-known because it offers a lot of different beauty treatments and surgeries to help people change how they look in the ways they want.

Dr. Faulkner and his team are really good at what they do, and they make sure everyone who comes in gets the care and attention they need. They use the newest machines and methods to make sure everyone is safe and happy with their results. People like going there because they trust Dr. Faulkner. He’s been doing this for a long time, and he’s very good at making sure his patients are happy and healthy.

Whether someone wants a small change or a big one, Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is a place where they can get help to look the way they dream.

Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, located in North Bethesda, Maryland, is a premier destination for individuals seeking to enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments. Led by Dr. Brent Faulkner, a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, the center offers a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Dr. Faulkner and his team are dedicated to providing personalized care, utilizing the latest technologies and techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes. The center’s services include body contouring, breast surgeries, facial procedures, and minimally invasive treatments such as injectables and skin rejuvenation. Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is known for its professional and supportive environment, ensuring that patients feel informed, comfortable, and cared for throughout their journey.

The center’s reputation for excellence is built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and a deep understanding of the transformative power of plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancements. Whether patients are seeking to restore their appearance following surgery or injury, or simply wish to refresh and rejuvenate their look, Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics offers tailored solutions to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

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What Cosmetic Treatments are Available at Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

The center offers both surgical and non-surgical options tailored to meet individual needs. Available treatments include:

  • Reconstructive Services: breast reconstruction, breast revision, and skin cancer treatment.
  • Minor Cosmetic Services: CoolSculpting, Botox, Fillers, and Microneedling.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: Breast augmentation, breast lift, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), arm contouring, facelift, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.

Why Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Center is Getting Popular

This clinic offers a wide array of cosmetic treatments to cater to various aesthetic goals and needs. Here’s a breakdown of the cosmetic treatments offered:

Surgical Procedures

  • Breast Augmentation: Enhances breast size and shape using implants.
  • Breast lift: raises and reshapes sagging breasts.
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen to create a smoother, firmer profile.
  • Arm contouring reduces excess skin and fat between the underarm and elbow.
  • Face Lift: Improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck.
  • Liposuction: removes excess fat deposits, improving body contours and proportion.
  • Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping): enhances facial harmony and the proportions of the nose.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

  • Injectables (Botox, fillers): reduce facial wrinkles and restore volume and fullness in the face.
  • Chemical peels improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, or hands.
  • Microneedling: Treats various skin conditions by inducing collagen production.
  • CoolSculpting: is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that freezes and eliminates unwanted fat cells.

Reconstructive Services

  • Breast Reconstruction: Rebuilds the breast(s) after mastectomy or injury.
  • Breast Revision: Corrects or improves the result of a previous breast surgery.
  • Breast Reduction: Removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion to your body.
  • Facial, Trunk, and Lower Extremity Reconstruction: Addresses defects due to injuries, surgery, or congenital conditions.
  • Skin cancer or benign skin condition treatment involves the removal of skin lesions and reconstruction if necessary.

Skin Care and Aesthetic Services

  • Skincare Products: Offers a range of products to maintain and enhance the health and beauty of the skin.
  • Body Contouring with Injectables: Utilizes injectables for body sculpting and fat reduction in specific areas.

Location of Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Center

Faulkner Plastic Surgery &Aesthetics is located at 6000 Executive Blvd., Suite 204, North Bethesda, MD 20852, making it accessible to patients in Montgomery County and the surrounding Washington metropolitan area.


Patients of Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics often praise the professional staff, the quality of care received, and the satisfactory outcomes of their treatments. The center’s commitment to patient satisfaction is reflected in positive reviews across various platforms.


Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics stands out for its comprehensive range of services, experienced team, and commitment to patient care. Dr. Faulkner’s expertise and the center’s use of the latest technology in aesthetic medicine make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking cosmetic treatments.


1. What makes Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics unique?

Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is unique due to its comprehensive range of services, the use of advanced technology, and the personalized care approach led by Dr. Brent Faulkner, a board-certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence.

2. How can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the center directly at (240) 802-8100 or through their website, ensuring a convenient process for new and returning patients.

3. What is the consultation process like?

The consultation process at Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics involves a thorough discussion of the patient’s goals, an evaluation of their needs, and a customized treatment plan designed to achieve optimal results.

4. Are there non-surgical options available?

Yes, the center offers a variety of non-surgical options. It includes injectables like Botox and fillers, CoolSculpting for body contouring, and other minimally invasive treatments.

5. What post-operative support is available?</p>

Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics provides comprehensive post-operative support. It includes follow-up appointments, guidance on care at home, and accessibility to the medical team for any questions or concerns.

6. How does the center ensure patient safety?

Patient safety is a top priority, with the center adhering to strict medical protocols. It ensures that all procedures are performed by highly qualified professionals.

7. Can I see before and after photos of previous patients?

Yes, prospective patients can view before and after photos of previous patients to gauge the potential outcomes of their desired procedures.