Iliza Shlesinger, a well-known comedian from Dallas, Texas, has made a big name for herself in the world of comedy. Born on February 22, 1983, she first caught the public’s eye by winning the “Last Comic Standing” competition in 2008. Since then, Iliza has become famous for her hilarious stand-up comedy specials on Netflix. Recently, there’s been some curiosity about whether Iliza has had plastic surgery.

Her roles in movies and TV shows, and her insightful books. She’s celebrated for her unique style of comedy that combines humor with observations on everyday life and social issues.

This speculation arises whenever public figures like Iliza appear differently in photos or on screen. However, there’s no solid evidence to confirm that Iliza has undergone any cosmetic procedures. She hasn’t spoken about this topic herself, so all the talk about plastic surgery is just speculation.

Who is Iliza Shlesinger?

Iliza Shlesinger is an American comedian, actress, and writer, known for her sharp wit and insightful commentary on a variety of social and cultural issues. Born on February 22, 1983, in Dallas, Texas, she has become one of the most prominent figures in stand-up comedy. Iliza gained national attention and acclaim after winning the sixth season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2008, which made her the first woman and the youngest contestant ever to win the title at that time.

Following her win on “Last Comic Standing,” Iliza has released several comedy specials on Netflix, including “War Paint” (2013), “Freezing Hot” (2015), “Confirmed Kills” (2016), “Elder Millennial” (2018), and “Unveiled” (2019), among others. Her comedy often explores themes of feminism, social norms, and the millennial experience, delivering her observations with a mix of sarcasm and earnestness.

In addition to her stand-up career, Iliza has ventured into acting, with roles in films and television shows. She has also hosted her own late-night talk show, “Truth & Iliza,” on Freeform in 2017. Beyond entertainment, she is an author, having published “Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity,” a book that offers insight into the inner workings of a woman’s mind.

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Did Iliza Shlesinger get plastic surgery?

The question of whether Iliza Shlesinger has undergone plastic surgery is one that circulates among fans and observers alike.

As of my last update, there is no confirmed information or public statement from Iliza Shlesinger herself regarding undergoing plastic surgery. Speculation about celebrities having cosmetic procedures is common, but without direct confirmation from the individuals involved, these remain speculations.

Has Iliza Shlesinger revealed a nose job?

There is no verified information or public statement from Iliza Shlesinger regarding undergoing a nose job or any other specific cosmetic surgery. The discussions around her possibly having plastic surgery are based on speculation and not on confirmed reports or admissions from the comedian herself.

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Iliza Shlesinger Plastic Surgery Pics

Iliza Shlesinger Plastic Surgery

Iliza Shlesinger Plastic Surgery



Iliza Shlesinger remains a significant figure in comedy, known for her insightful and humorous take on a wide range of topics. The speculation around her possibly having plastic surgery underscores the broader societal scrutiny of women’s bodies, especially those in the public eye. It’s crucial to celebrate her contributions to entertainment and comedy rather than focusing on unconfirmed aspects of her personal life.


1. What is Iliza Shlesinger known for?

Iliza Shlesinger is best known as a stand-up comedian who won the sixth season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” She has released multiple comedy specials on Netflix and has made significant contributions to film, television, and literature.

2. Has Iliza Shlesinger commented on plastic surgery rumors?

As of the latest updates, Iliza Shlesinger has not publicly addressed rumors regarding her undergoing plastic surgery. The discussions are based on speculation rather than confirmed information.

3. What are some notable projects by Iliza Shlesinger?

Notable projects by Iliza include her Netflix specials like “War Paint,” “Freezing Hot,” and “Confirmed Kills,” among others. She also starred in the Netflix film “Good on Paper” and has published books like “Girl Logic.”

4. How does Iliza Shlesinger contribute to discussions on women’s issues?

Through her comedy and public statements, Iliza often addresses and critiques societal expectations and stereotypes of women, offering insightful and humorous perspectives on gender dynamics.

5. What is Iliza’s approach to comedy?

Iliza’s comedy is characterized by its sharp wit, energetic delivery, and incorporation of themes related to social norms, gender issues, and personal experiences, often delivered with a mix of satire and sincerity.

6. How has Iliza Shlesinger’s style evolved over the years?

Over the years, Iliza’s comedy has evolved to include a broader range of topics, including more personal and societal issues, while maintaining her signature humor and energetic delivery.

7. What impact has Iliza Shlesinger had on the comedy scene?

Iliza Shlesinger has significantly impacted the comedy scene by breaking barriers for female comedians, winning “Last Comic Standing,” and contributing to the diversification of comedy through her unique voice and perspective.